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Crocodile Hunter Style Show

One of the Rangers telling us all about the Camels!

Us holding a Koala....soooo cute!

Sophy just can't leave the Koala's alone now!

Reptiles just wandering around all over the place! Almost trod on it!

Paul stroking a Kangaroo that was just lounging around in "Roo Haven"

Kangaroo chilling with its legs crossed!

Some of the Steve Irwin memorial stuff

Paul and Stevo

Off to Australia Zoo today which was made famous by the late Cocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. We got picked up and had around 6 hours there which was plenty of time and were given some facts and figures about the zoo by the driver on the way, who actually worked there for 2 years. We watched a DVD on the way too about Steve's life as to many tourist, he was just face to a TV programme but in fact did a whole lot more for the conservation of the World's Wildlife. First we went to the "Crocosuem" (open air theatre) to have a Snake and Bird Display but then at 12.00, it was "Croc O Clock" and time for the Crocodile display which I'm sure most of the crowd had come to see. The Big Crocodile had the scary name of ............ Graham (quiet a famous one as he was the one who bit Wes (Steve's Best Mate) on the Bum in the TV Programme. Incredible show and the 3 keepers showed all there skill and respect to get the crocodile out of the water and feed him only a few feet from us in the audience. We then had the rest of the day to have a look around the zoo.....Emus, Dingoes, Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombats, Tazmanian Devils, Cassowaries (4th largest non flying bird) and more Crocodiles including the famous one's called Agro, Acco and Casper who were all caught/rescued by Steve and his team in the bush mainly in Queensland. We then were treated to another Crocodile display and were amazed as we sat high up in the stands and could see the crocodile all the time and everywhere the keeper went with their food they followed and crept right to the edge, sometimes literally feet away before they struck and leaped out of the water (sometimes leaping as much as 1/2 their body length) before the keepers allowed them their lunch. We were told this is how they caught there meals in the bush and they creep up on there prey and wait sometimes for 4 hours under the water within meters of there prey, who wouldn't have a clue that they were there until it was too late (because the water is usually murky!). Paul then won a competion of a free photo with any animal and Sophy desperately wanted one with a Koala and was going to pay $15 for one anyway! The Koala's we had so far seen were so cute and many of them were just dozing on their Eucalyptus trees (they can sleep up to 18 hours a day - what a life!). Sophy held one for the first time and finally it got comfortable (after it tried to bury its sharp claws into her belly!) and had our photo done. It was very funny as they seriously look like they just woke up and are very docile. For the remainder of the day we went to see some Tigers (whose enclosure was a replica of Angkor Wat in Cambodia) and it was nice to see they had loads of space. In fact we were so impressed with the zoo as all the animals are well looked after, their enclosures are very big, clean and very natural and to be honest it wasn't like a zoo at all, it was we were looking round where the animals lived in the wild it was that good. Just time to see the Snakes where they had many of the top 20 venomous snakes in the world (Cobras,Taipans and Brown Snakes) and again were very impressed. We caught the bus back to Brisbane and watched the end of the film and some of the memorial service which took place at the park (which only shut for 1 hour) and started to realize how famous Stevo was in Australia and how much conservation work he did over the world and what a remarkable, likeable, energetic, positive man he was and how much he was missed by all Australians. His daughter and wife are now taking on the dream and intend to increase the zoo in size and we could see all the land that they have bought and would love to go back in a few years to see if this was achieved. I can't see that any zoo in the world be be better than Australia Zoo as you feel that the animals look and feel totally at home there and they are so well looked after as many of the animals were taken around the zoo by their keepers for interaction with the public which builds awarness and educates the public on wildlife (liyterally Rangers walking around with Wombats on Leashes! haha!).... A TOP TOP DAY. A quiet night in Brisbane as we needed to be up at 5am for our flight to Melbourne.... Staying there for one week over Xmas and the Ashes, so can't wait to be in one place for while! :O)


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