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There we were ... on the corner in downtown Maseru delicately working out other options to appearing in court the next day for turning down a one-way street ... a poorly marked oneway street, I might add. In fairness, we were technically in the wrong, we turned off the main drag to get oriented, and unwittingly wound up the wrong way on a one way street. "Why are you driving so recklessly?" I was asked. Now the reckless thing would have been to turn back into the fast moving traffic instead of continuing down the virtually empty street, but he wasn't seeing it that way.

It must have been a slow day there because soon we were surrounded by about 4 officers all discussing the options and what amount would be a suitable substitute for the $30- $50 fines that usually accompany this infraction. Given that the only sign indicating no entry faced across the street to noone and weas virtually impossible to see before you'd actually initiated a turn, we had decided to play this out and follow the proper protocol what ever it was. It seemd like we were going to have to head down to the station when surprise surprise, another car turned left down the street as wee had. It sort of happened in slow motion, and all of a sudden, Nick and I in unison said ... "what about him?"

Suddenly all the officers were chasing down this Basotho guy who I'm sure always makes this turn, and as they stopped him, the guy just laughed at them. Suddenly the officer who was still by us said, "perhaps we should make and exception seeing as how you're a guest in our country." And with that we were on our way!

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