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Flew out of Dublin luckily missing all the fog that seems to have stopped travellers. Got to Paris and another stamp in the passport - yah! Got the train into the city then another out to Disneyland. 14 Euro each for the ticket and you usually keep your ticket so you can get out at the other end but Mum didn't so spent the rest of the journey sweating it whenever anyone offical walked past, you should've seen her when the security guards with dogs walked past! Made it to Disney village just before midnight and walked to the hotel, being the cheapest in the park it was the furthest from the station but it warmed us up. Checked in and hit the sack - tv only had disney channels, soap was in a mickey mouse box etc...

Up early the next morning, firstly to get to breakfast before the crowds and because we were at Disney! Buffet style breakfast with loads of bread, chocolate and bread. Mum and Dad went to Walt Disney park while Nicola and I headed straight to the rides at Disneyland. They have a fastpass system where you put your ticket in the machine and then get a ticket telling you to come back at a certain time and you can skip most of the line. Rides we went on included space mountain, a buzz light yr ride where you shot at targets to get a score (Megan got the highest score, by the way!), there were a few mine cart and train rides, a haunted house. The scariest part was trying not to slip over on all the ice that didn't melt at all on the first day. Got lunch for 10 Euros which was only a hamburger meal thing (the next day at the buffet we filled our bags up with bread so we didn't pay that again). It was so cold that day, I don't think I can even describe it but we watched the evening parade which was lovely with all the lights and christmas carols etc, got a hot chocolate, went to planet hollywood for tea (because theire line was the shortest and it was the cheapest) and then went back for a long hot shower to try and warm up.

Didn't get up as early on the second day, headed to b'fast this time with bags to fill and then each group went to the other park. Walt Disney had more shows to see, watched a car stunt scene being filmed, tried to draw Mickey in a child'd drawing class, went to the Lion King (lucky the songs were in French). Another good day at Disney. Didn't see Mum and Dad for most of the day probably because it was their wedding anniversary ;) but they also were doing a night tour of Paris to see the lights of the city. Heard them come back in the room around 11pm.

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