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Cruising to Neko Island

Emmy's 6th continent

Neko Harbour

Paradise Bay

Today we transited a channel called Errera Channel, towards our first landing of the day. Our landing was at Neko Harbour, which is the first place on the actual continent of Antarctica we will land. In fact, it may be our only landing on the Antarctic Peninsula, all the others being on the offshore islands. This is because almost all of the continent is permanently covered in ice, making it impossible for any wildlife other than a few types of penguin to live there. Instead, the offshore islands harbor all the wildlife and this are more interesting.

We did our landing at Neko and climbed up along one of the small glaciers surrounding the harbor. There was a small colony of Gentoo penguings living precariously along the cliff face, and an occasional bird, but the wildlife is definitely less evident here than in the offshore islands.

After our landing here, we sailed into Paradise Harbor, a beautiful sightseeing location from the ship. We did not make a landing here, however, due to the ice still blocking the landing areas for Zodiacs. We are here early in the season and normally this would have blocked several of the landings we did, but it was a mild winter so the ice broke up earlier than usual.

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