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Bounty Island AKA Love Island

Bounty Island #2


Best Way To Sleep (Brad & Pippa)

Our Nearest Neighbours

Our Ickle Love Shack (nearest to sea)

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset #2

Claire Falling Out Of Hammock...Again

Not Happy About Leaving

Leaving Our Island

After a hectic 4 days living out of our backpacks, we chilled for a few days at Nadi Bay resort. We decided we needed even more time chillin' so decided to go to the Yasawa Islands for a break..

We only picked the furthest bloody resort. Took us 4 hours on a boat to get there. Bumped into some aussies we met on the Feejee Experience. They were thrown off a whole island due to drunken antics.. ie getting naked.

Just 4 of us arrived to a grand welcoming committee on the island of Tavewa in a resort called Coral View. It's very basic. We're living in a grass hut (Bule) which looks like a hobbit should live there and using outdoor cold and salty showers and toilets, we've had to make a few quick dashes in the night cos Claire didn't want to go on her own!

Due to the supposed military coup in Fiji the place is near enough empty but the staff are still always smiling and having a laugh, probably at our expense, and serving us some of the tastiest food and freshest fish. They also bang the drums to let you know it's meal time and time for afternoon tea and cake yum! It's been really really chilled here and we spend most nights chatting fart to the other people and lying back in the hammocks looking at the endless sky of stars.

We haven't had complete paradise here though, firstly a volcanic eruption out Tonga way has swept tonnes of grey floating stone and rock onto the usually white sandy beach and also on the first day we saw a sea snake which didn't bother us until one of the other guests (Dan) told us how poisonous it was. They haven't exactly got an ambulance service here either, it's generally hit or miss if the phone or electricity works. But hey, we're on a near deserted island in the middle of the pacific, life could be worse!

We did do one energetic thing and we went to the caves where the Fijians believe their Gods used to live. Pretty scary, we had to swim down through an underwater tunnel into a pitch black cave where i was bitten by some weird things and apparently there was eels in there or something. Other than that we cooked ourselcves on the beach and slept in hammocks.

We had a really rough 4 hours back to the mainland, chilled at Nadi Bay Hotel and then brought our flights forward to head to New Zealand....can't wait.

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