Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Rugby On The Beach

Claire In The Chiefs Bure

Walking In The Village

Claire & Villagers Fleurs

Up Yours Tourists!!!

Cute Village Kid

What Can I Say, I've Got A Thing About Skirts.....

First One Down

Rocket-Powered Brown

Wicked Stack

Sand Exfoliant Anyone?!?

Tom, Jane, Rob & John

Do I Have To Hug This Sweaty Bastard?

Keith Took A Tumble

Rainforest View

Grub B4 Tubing

Claire & Nicky On The Trek

Road Block

Saddam's Brother Was Pleased To Pose

Jane & Orphanage Kid

Happiest Girl In The Orphanage

Kids With The Camera

Chris, Calan & Tom

Chiefs Kava Ceremony

Hunt & Bili Rafters

Bridge Jump

Local Kids

How weird is this......? We left the Cook Islands on the Friday and didn't get there till the Sunday and it was only a 4hour flight....bizarre. We have missed a whole day of our lives cos of a date line!

Nadi (pronounced Nandee) Town looks well dodgy at night and during the day there's lots of people on the streets trying to hassle you into buying things or going into their shops, it's cool once you get used to it though. The beaches are nothing like the ones in The Cook Islands, I think we've been spoilt and they're are nothing like the picture-postcards you get either but the people are absolutely amazing. I've never met any people like it, everyone's really friendly and we've been driving along in our big green Feejee Experience bus with people waving and shouting BULA to us, even the soldiers!

As it turns out the 'Military Coup' wasn't as bad as the media made it out to be. They even postponed it for a Rugby match between the Army and the Police. We have gone through numerous Roadblocks near the Capital (Suva), but the soldiers have been waving and giving peace signs to us. It's all cool! We even took pistures of them!

So the Feejee experience was amazing. It was basically a trip around the whole of the main Island lasting 4 days. We've been sandboarding, where Claire had sandy teeth and Keith ended up with sand nearly everywhere and even up his eyelid! We found a nice beach and did some bodyboarding and played Rugby and bonded with the other people from the bus, they're a good laugh.

We've done treks through the jungle (not as hard as the one we did in Cook Islands though), Tubing down rivers and long boating down rapids, we've visited orphanages and had Kava (mildly narcotic herb mixed with local water, great for Keith's bowels) ceromonies in villages with the chiefs, been Bili Bili (Bamboo) rafting which ended up as basically swimming up river, jumped off waterfalls and big bridges, been in the natural spa that is mud pools and hot springs (even took the wrinkles out of Keith's face), had big fires on the beach and generally had an amazing time and made some good mates on the way

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