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A Zodiac landing

Penguins, as far as the eye can see

Today's plan was to visit Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands. Deception is an active volcano. The name refers to the deceiving doughnut-like shape. The doughnut has a small bite take out which is actually a narrow entrance to the interior, known as Neptune's Bellows. The interior is a flooded caldera of the original volcano. This was discovered by whalers and used as a whaling station and scientific base until the 1960s, when a series of eruptions caused ash and mudslides which ruined the buildings there.

We did a morning landing on the exterior of the island at a point called Bailey Head. This landing was probably one of the roughest we have done - Bailey Head is "unprotected" from the sea, since it is on the windward edge of the island. The surf was high and basically everyone got drenched - those on the boat and those helping with the landing. I was in the front of the boat, which bears the brunt of oncoming waves, so I was soaked head to toe, but my waterproof clothing dealt with it.

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