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Well unfortunately I cannot post any pics from this place. We are in a little cafe in Gansbaai. We spent a day and a half in wine country at the Sante Wellness Hotel and Spa. It was nice. We did a small wine tour and then had a African Serail massage. Basically we got to give each other a mud massage and facials. It was a lot of fun.

What a beautiful part of South Africa.

Then we did a shark for the first 3 hours nothing! Just a few whale, I say "just" like it was no big deal. It was amazing to see them. They are huge! I guess thats why they call them southern hugeback.

Well then a boat near us had some shark so we went and anchored next to them. There were about 8 or so shark all together. In the cage was soo cool!! Not at all scary I swear! They are more interested in the chum then the cage. It was scarier from the boat cause we kept thinking we were gonnna fall from the 8 foot swells. The sharks ranged from about 6 to 15 feet long! We got a few good pictures but the water was so cloudy some are hard to see, but they may look different on the computer. One shark got a hold of the tuna and wouldnt let go, he came out of the water and was holding on to it banging his head on the cage...while we were in it!! So cool.

Well off for more adventure...we will write again soon!

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