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We came to this small town on the coast hoping to relax after the full on experience of Phnom Penh and that's pretty much what we did. There's not a lot to see but there are some very nice beaches and it's very undeveloped relative to Thailand's resorts- maybe what somewhere like Koh Samui would have looked like 10-15 years ago. Mosquitoes are a problem, so were some of the local vendors especially the massage ladies who are a real pain in the arse- they come up and ask if you want a massage, and when you say 'no thanks' they demand 'why not?' and argue with you about whether or not you want one for about 5 minutes. Sadly there are also a lot of landmine victims here, guys with one or several limbs missing spending their days making their way up and down the beach begging which is such a sad and unfair way for someone to live out their time.

We had a couple of decent parties here too and were recharged again after a while for another long bus journey- heading now into Vietnam.

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