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Sunbathing spot

Becky cooling

view from my towel

the ocean rolling in

idealic views

Sairee beach

Our hut

Friend from Oz

Steele and Linda Rail

Chilling out on Koh tao, cut my legs off and chuck them away because i don't need them any more. we finally found somewhere to exhale, away from the busy streets of Bangkok and after a greulling journey, first on a sleeper train then a rough boat ride all taking a total of eleven and a half hours we can know finally kick off our shoes and just chill out. Koh tao revolves around diving, relaxing on the beach, eating cheap good food and partying.

We are both getting use to the tropical climate and our colour is gradually changing from english white to honey brown. The beach is our door step, the sea is warm and clear and just amazing, its to hard to describe how beautiful it is so just look at the photo's. The Thai people are so friendly and life is so relaxed. Today we went back to school, "Dive school" we book ourselves onto a PADI Open water dive course lasting 3-4 days. It envolves lots of studying and video watching but thats all worth it we we get kitted up and set out to sea. today we watched some instructional videos, then put them into practice in the shallow waters outside our complex, we spent 2 and a half hours in the sea learning techniques and safety stuff and getting use to being under water, there are four of us in our group. Me Becky and two swedish men. both of them are cool chaps and today went really well. tomorrow we have two proper dives so i will keep you upto date on that. Last night we had a fantastic seafood BBQ on the beach in our accomadation, We had Barracuda and red snapper with thai seasoning's plus jacket potato and salad.

I have also uploaded a picture of Steele Rail and his lovely wife Linda, i hope you two are not still in that drinking hole on khao san rd and have got yourselves on a trip up north. We also bumped into a friend of mine from Cairns, Cole...sound chap and hopefully we will catch up with him in new zealand-have a good time in brazil.

Ok Folks we have got to go and eat,We look forward to hearing from you, takecare and happy christmas shopping. x

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