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Look what we found!

How many miles is that??

True Cape Hope Point - Beacons Lighthouse

Platboom Bay

Dunes of Platboom Bay

Cheers!! Today was awesome! We started out at the Penguin colony, way cool. For any of you who have seen March of the Penguins, it's just like that! Amazing! Very exciting to watch. They actually made a movie called City Slickers - A Tale of Two Penguins from the colony we were at!

We then headed back to Table Mountain National Park where we went a little of the beaten path and found Zebra! They are so beautiful! Don't worry dad, it wasnt that off the beaten path, we were still safe!

After that we headed up to Beacons light house. We opted to walk up instead of take the finicular, what a hike! But worth it. The views were incredible! The history that is held on that small area of land is phenominal! World War II radar stations and bunkers, and over 20 shipwrecks in the immediate area. Just so cool to see!

Then we headed over to Platboom Bay where we attempted to swim in the Ocean, talk about cold! Forrest headed his skivvees! I almost lost him in the white sands...but his red ears stuck out! Then we hiked the dunes to see some Ostrich. We didnt understand why they were watching us so closely until we saw their 6 babies! Talk about cute!!

That about wrapped up our day. We are heading to the wine country and new hotel tomorrow. Will write again when we can!!


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