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Oh yes! The big surf competition we've been waiting for!

The beach, pretty empty this early in the morning but it was...

The famous pipeline wave!

Photographers were having a field day!

These waves were just awesome, I've never seen anything like such power!

I could have watched this forever.

Kelly Slater (in red) on his way back

I took so many photos of him, he's so gorgeous!

I did get closer than this the next day!

Not that I was stalking him or anything (!) but this was...

Now, I want you to really appreciate this wave, it's super special!

Are you ready....


Me, in heaven!

More snaps...

...and more waves.

Damn this girl, some fan who got a photo with Kelly (god)...

This was as close as I got, about 10cm!

Local surfers

Gorgeous sunset

View from our apartment.

Local neighbourhood, all surf crazy unsurprisingly

It's so beautiful on the North shore and thankfully still hugely underdeverloped.

How cute are the shops!?!


Some of the houses that line the beach, with the best view...


All the photographers are here day and night snapping away at the...

The size of that!

This was actually Andy Irons.

Watching another sunset!

Whilst watching the best wave we've both ever seen!

Next and final day of competition...and Kelly Slater's getting mobed by fans...

Ah bless him, he hurt his ribs in the first round so...

Fans surrounding him as he enters the water for the finals

And oh yes, we're in the thick of it!

...along with the rest of the North Shore who were now practically...

It was an awesome final, the most amazing surfing between Kelly and...

Oh well, we still love you Kelly! Next time!

Phew. All over for another year, and I didn't even get his...

All the roadsigns are covered in surf stickers!

WOW! Paul and I have just watched Kelly Slater surf Pipeline, which is one of the most famous waves in the world and it was huge, absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Off back to the competition

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