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Ok, so the Scuba diving didn't work out, I failed the dive medical :-( because the doctor was inept and couldn't see my eardrums as his ear-looking-into instrument (I don't know the proper name obviously, but I'm sure you know what I mean!) was too big as I have very narrow ear canals. He advised me to see an ENT specialist, which costs another $150 on top of the $70 for the dive medical. Consequently, I had to cancel the course, which upset me. I can't get an appointment with an ENT specialist for ages, so I'm going to leave scuba diving until I'm somewhere else, maybe Hawaii. Or even back in England. Who knows, but anywho, the girls in my hostel dorm were all trying to come up with alternatives last night. So...

Today I went along to the Sydney visitor centre to book a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, which is 3 and a half hours long, and takes you 134 metres above sea level. As the weather isn't very nice today or tomorrow, the woman serving me suggested Thursday as it's much nicer to do the climb on a nice day. So Thursday at 9.45am I am climbing on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge!!! Which is a pretty amazing thing to do.

To do something special on my actual birthday I went along to a harbourside restaurant by Darling Harbour for lunch, and then went to the IMAX theatre to see Deep Sea 3D, narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet and had music by Danny Elfman (for those who actually care!). It was really good, pretty expensive considering the length of the feature, but you did feel like you were down in the depths, and was a warmer alternative to Scuba diving! Tonight I'm going out for dinner and drinks and with some girls from my hostel dorm, which should be fun. So, although yesterday was disappointing, I'm not letting it spoil my adventures out here and am having a good birthday.

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