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Laksh, Kiran And Yuvraj (Yuvi) Kashyap

With Anil, Ajay and Neeta



I have not had the opportunity to meet any of Neeta's (our sister-in-law) family during my previous visits to India. This time we are not in our usual hurry to tear around India in the few short weeks of vacation, so we made the time to meet with Neeta's brother Yuvraj (Yuvi) and his wife Kiran. It turned out that the day we were free to meet them in East Delhi was also Yuvi's birthday.

We arrived in the early evening after a drive across the crowded city streets to find an oasis of calm. Kiran is an avid gardener and also has the good fortune to live in a home with a large yard. She has spent many hours planning and implementing a beautiful garden with a wide assortment of trees and flowers. She has even hung feeders for the many birds who come to enjoy the fruits of her labours.

After meeting their teenage son, Laksh, we settled into many rounds of delicious non-veg snacks. We immediately warmed to Yuvi's energetic personality and to his teasing of his patient wife Kiran. After a while, I began to hear some crackling outside and suddenly realized that they had built a large bonfire out in the garden. We took our glasses outside to sit around the fire and enjoy the evening air. Laksh even agreed to play his guitar and sing a couple of songs for us. He has only just recently taken up the guitar, we were thrilled to hear him sing Enrique Iglesias' song "Hero". It's a tough song to sing and he did a remarkable job.

We called it an early night as Anil and I had to be up early to catch a train from the New Delhi station at 6:15 a.m. We had planned an overnight trip to see the famous Hindu fort at Gwalior - about three and a half hours southeast of Delhi. We said goodbye to the Kashyaps and promised to see them when we return to Delhi after our tour of southern India. I can see that we will have no problem filling our time when we are in Delhi in 2007 - we have reconnected with many relatives and met many more for the first time. These past few days give new meaning to the words "extended family".


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