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With Krishen And Preeti Mehra

Ajay, Neeta And Dhriti With Krishen And Preeti



We took the opportunity to visit Krishen and Preeti Mehra while we were in Gurgaon on Sunday evening. Krishen is the brother of Anil's sister's husband, Kamal Mehra. I first met Krishen when I travelled to India in 1981 with Rajan. I had come to India to prod the Canadian Embassy into completing Anil's mother's immigration application. For some reason, the application seemed to have been lost in the paperwork shuffle. I am forever indebted to Krishen for helping me get around Delhi with a small baby and giving me the morale support not to give up insisting the Canadian consulate sort out the immigration visa.

I stayed with Krishen and Preeti and their two small daughters in 1981. Preeti and I were both at a similar stage of life with small children and we got to know and like each other fairly quickly. We did not meet again until 2001, when Anil and I were in Nagpur for New Year’s. The whole Mehra clan had gathered together and planned a New Year's party at a village farm. We missed the party due to upset stomachs - the Mehras all returned covered in mud from the overnight downpour in the village - we all laugh about the near miss we had by staying in town.

Now here we are in 2006 and once again we find ourselves meeting in Delhi. Krishen and Anil have now retired, Preeti is teaching school in Delhi. Their daughters were both married in 2006 so they are now unwinding from their hectic lives and enjoying their new apartment home in Gurgaon. Krishen keeps himself busy working for the Indian intelligence service - he was a Brigadier in the Indian Army. He is a very active man; I can't see him ever settling down to a quiet retired life.

It was great to see them both again and discuss travel plans. They are off this weekend on a quick cruise to Lakswadeep Islands off the western coast of India. I hear this is an amazing place to visit, but it’s not on the usual tourist routes. It will be great to see them in the spring and hear all about their trip.


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