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So I've been in Brisbane for 3 days on my own now, and have got a feel of the city for when I (probably) come back next year. On Tuesday I walked across the William Jolly bridge over the Brisbane river to the museum, a natural history one. It was free, which is probably just as well as it was pretty disappointing, there wasn't very much to see, although maybe I've just been spoiled by the Natural History Museum in London! Although I did work out that the lizards in the Botanic gardens were most likely to be Blue tongued lizards.

Afterwards I had a walk down by the river before heading back into town and walking down Queen Street Mall exploring some of the shops. I spent the afternoon at the hostel, swimming in the pool and subathing in the hope to get a better tan, as I'm still pathetically white at the moment! A bit brown, but not as much as I'd have hoped, so I've got to do some serious relaxing on a beach at some point I think (it's a hard life, this travelling malarky! Hehe). So that's what I did today, spent the majority of the day by the pool again, although I walked into town for lunch.

Last night some people from the hostel I met whilst eating dinner off the barbecue invited me to join them in town for some drinks where they were meeting some other people, so glad of the chance for company and something different to do with my evening I joined them. There were 5 french tourists, one from Austria, and a few from Germany. We went to an Irish Bar near Queen Street Mall, which was good, there was a live band and everyone swapped stories of their travels and talked about their plans for Australia.

Well, it's time for me to get some dinner, I need my energy for my trip to Sydney tomorrow. The train leaves at 6.30am and doesn't get into Sydney until 9.55pm! So almost 16 hours on a train, that's bound to be fun! Hehe.

Something that's pointless, but has been irritating me is the pedestrian crossings here, well, not the crossings themselves, but the pedestrians, today there were many people at a crossing, one man joined us and started repeatedly jabbing the button, as if the 20 people already there hadn't thought of doing that and that if he pressed it however many times, the lights would change quicker. It happens in England as well, but is more noticeable here as there are so many crossings all over the cities. Hmm... yes I feel better after that rant!

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