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Us in Shackleton's Cave

Endeavour just off Cape Rosa

View from Cape Rosa

Nesting albatross

We awoke today parked in a fjord. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the passengers awoke in said fjord about 3 hours before we did. It was a rather late night for us, helping one of the naturalists on the staff celebrate his 37th birthday in the bar, drinking these horrible pink concoctions dreamed up by the leader of our expedition, a British guy named Tim. Tim is a bad man.

After lunch, we arrived at Cape Rosa and took the zodiacs ashore. Cape Rosa was the first place Shackleton and his companions arrived at after their three week sail from Antarctica in an open life boat. There was a small cave at the bottom of the cape where they sheltered for a few days before moving on to the eastern side of the island to seek rescue for themselves and the men left behind in Antarctica.

We climbed a steep gully above this cave, through a streambed and the fields of tussoc, to a bluff overlooking the cave. Several sea birds nested in this area, and a number of fur seals were hiding in the tussoc. Fur seals, we are told, are aggressive and will bite humans if they feel threatened or if we invade their territory. Our guides carry clubs with them, just in case, and we were taught that if a fur seal charges, we can collect a couple of stones and bang them together, which for some reason scares the seals off.

We returned to the ship, and we were told that tomorrow, we will be making three landings on the eastern side of the island.

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