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On the 21st November Ben and Wendy had to go to a meeting in Tamworth, so we dropped Rosie and Will off with a friend in Warialda and then drove 3 hours to Tamworth, the country music capital of Australia. I only had baby Lachlan to look after, and got to do some shopping, which was good. Except for when Lachlan cried and I couldn't comfort him and had to take him to Wendy so she could feed him! People probably thought he was mine and thought I was a bad mother that couldn't comfort her own child! Hehe. Never mind though, it was a good day, although tiring, and there weren't a great deal of shops so after 5 hours I was pretty bored of them!

Still, I definately have a lot of practice with looking after babies now, so I'll be prepared for when I have my own ;-) which thankfully, won't be for a while yet.

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