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I was given the second weekend on the farm off and Wendy suggested I go to the Inverell races, Inverell is a small town, but larger than Warialda, about 1 hours drive away. Her friend, Desie lives there and was kind enough to offer me a lift on the Friday night. We first had a meal in the pub though, which Desie's friend bought for us, which was nice.

Desie is really nice and her husband is actually originally from Yorkshire, but has pretty much lost his accent. Anyway, on the Saturday morning before the races Desie invited me to come along to her karate lesson as she found out that I did martial arts and she's a black belt in her style. Her shihan has competed for Australia in world competitions, and it was great to meet people with a similar interest to me. Although it did make me miss karate even more than I already was!

Anyway, Desie's sons Bob and Dave took me to the races in the afternoon, but we arrived late so there weren't many left to watch, and I didn't get to make a bet. Still, it saved me money I suppose! There was a dinner and dance thing in the evening, with free drinks, which was fun and some novelty races (3 legged races etc) which were interesting to watch! It was good to meet people of my own age and it was a fun night, although it got pretty cold, but I'm pretty sure some of the others would have been colder than I was because they were dressed up in evening dresses etc. Whereas I only have 1 skirt with me and it's not very dressy at all! The joys of being a traveller I suppose!

Well, on the Sunday Desie drove me to an even smaller town called Delungra (population 330) where Ben met me as he needed to check on the cattle of a friend who had gone away for a bit.

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