Sheate's World Tour 06/07 travel blog

Times Square

Christmas at Times Square shopping mall

Cosmo's theme park in the mall

Little India at night

Sepang F1 Racing Circuit

Melksham people will recognise this

At the end of the Grandstand

At the starting grid just before the race

Team Great Britain

Team South Africa

Great Britain second, not sure who came first or third!

View of Menara KL Tower from KLCC park

View from Menara Tower - the tower is 421metres tall

Chinatown to the left and Little India to the right

City Monorail at Imbi station

The Old Railway Station building

Petronas Towers stands 452metres tall

Queues for free tickets to the Petronas Towers at 8.30am

Sky Bridge connecting the two towers

Debs on the Sky Bridge

Sexy glasses! Watching the 3D movie "Out of Season" at the IMAX

Back in KL and at our usual hostel we decided to spend the day walking around the City so headed off for Times Square, an office building with a great shopping mall spread over 10 floors which also housed an IMAX theatre and a theme park inside the building - amazing!

So this was how we used to live, those material things that make you happy - David was ready to get out the credit cards to splurge on the latest electrical goods and gadgets and for the money you would have paid it would have been great value. But we had to reign back those urges so consoled ourselves with a trip to the IMAX theatre to watch the latest James Bond film with popcorn on one of the biggest screens in the world! An excellent film which brings James Bond back closer to how he should be - all action and less special effects and some great lines! That night we headed off to Little India for a curry.

One of the reasons we headed back to KL was of course to see the A1 Racing at the Sepang Racing Circuit - famous for being one of the tracks used for the Formula One racing. We jumped on our free bus at 7am to get us to the track and for our Grandstand seats right in line with the starting line and the pits. The race itself is designed to pit nation against nation using the same type of cars and engines and of course there were teams from Great Britain and South Africa. The main race was won by the Germans, with Great Britain second and France third. South Africa finished in 12th spot but raced well giving them a positive chance for the rest of the season.

On Monday morning, nice and early, we headed off to see the Petronas Towers hoping that this would be our last early morning start for a while, but as we got there we saw a sign that told us it was closed on Mondays! Can you believe it! So we headed off to the Menara KL Telecommunications Tower instead but as it was still early we had to wait around until 9am. The tower itself stands at 421 metres high and provides great views of the surrounding area and towards the mountains in the distance.

So another early morning arriving at the Petronas Towers at 7.30am thinking that we would be the only ones here but the queue was already 100 people deep. Undeterred we got into line and managed to get a ticket for the 9.15am viewing tour. The tour itself was quite short but the views were great. The tower stands at 452 metres tall, over 88 floors, with the Sky Bridge for viewing on the 41/42 floor. The towers were designed by Cesar Pelli who also designed the Canary Wharf in London. In 2003 it was the tallest building in the world, but now only the fourth highest building. It does however lay claim to being the tallest twin towers in the world!

The rest of the day was spent in the park behind the towers and roaming the city. In the evening we headed back to the IMAX theatre for the 3D film showing of "Out of Season"- check out the glasses!

Kuala Lumpar is a great city to be in and we loved it. But as with any great city you need money to really enjoy all the sights and lifestyle.

So where for our next stop? We had planned to use the extra days we made up over the past couple of months to head off to China for a 10 day tour but due to problems with getting a visa in time we have decided to jump on a flight over to Bali, Indonesia for some surfing lessons.

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