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Some random trees that come out in red flowers at Christmas time...

My last full day in Kiwi land and I can't believe it! Where is my trip going?! I'll be home a month yesterday, which whilst a little bit scary, i've got my head around it now so now all I am is excited! Missing everyone!

Decided my bag in way too heavy to carry for another 4 wks (and it's completely full) so I take all the presents out that i've accumulated in NZ, which weighs a massive 10kg and cost $180 to post home!!! Worth it though, and I can now lift my bag again! Ready for all the shopping i'll do in New York...with peanuts! Exhausted myself struggling with 10kg to the Post Office so chilled out on the beach, yes this is ruddy typical - my last day and the best day of weather i've had yet! Got the factor 2 tanning oil out to start rectifying the tanless situation, which is bordering on severe!

Drove 4 hrs back to Auckland, did a few chores (like update this damn site) ready for my flight to Fiji in the morning! Bula...!

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