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A Kiwi!

Gemma, from Kingston Uni, how weird's that?!

Winning my first ever pub quiz!

Woke up amazed that I still had an 8 bed dorm all to myself (the first time since i've been away), boarded the Stray bus for my last few days...and who else gets on...Gemma, who I went to Kingston with, only she did Teaching. It was sooooooooo weird, we both looked at each other and went 'i know you'...and finally she went 'you're falgship' (people used to call Paul and I that at uni) and she used to date Sean. Small world. Gosipped about everything that our uni mates are doing and it felt bizzare! It really did! She's got travel on the brain for a few more years yet too. And we had some weird things in common like both rolling our cars, both about to be bridesmaids on our return!

Stopped to touch a deformed Kiwi, which apparently most New Zealanders haven't done - and saw this random talking bird before arriving at Paihia, where Gemma and I gossiped some more in the local cafe! Had my last bbq and then joined in a pub quiz and the hardest thing was deciding what to call our group. I jokingly suggested 'the winners are...' which we used, and ironically (oh yes, and my first time ever) we won! $50 bar tab to share as our prize, but I was being a light weight after too many recent nights on the wine!

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