Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog


Farmers Market Tram

Hollywood Baby!!!

Claire's Fav Place, My Wallet's Nightmare

Tiffany's Fountain

Rodeo Drive

What Shark?!?

Claire in The Morning

Universal Studios


Apollo 13 Crew

Mann's Chinese Theatre


Jay-Z Shuts Down Hollywood Boulevard

After an 8hour minibus ride on some of the bumpiest roads in american history we made it to hollywood. met some more cool people on the minibus who ended up giving us free tickets for universal studios, how good is that! The hostel is really good fun and there's comedy nights and theme nights and stuff, and $1 beers and $1 shots of tequila but most of the time it's free!

Toured the city, it's huge. No walking around the place like in San Fran, you wouldn't want to at night's really dodgy. Universal Studios was cool, didn't see any stars though and the rides were a bit pants (Claire even went on a rollercoaster!) But we did see Doc Oc from Spiderman 2, he sat next to us when we were having mexican. We also saw Snoop Dogg at Virgin Records! Got really drunk on the 19th for Chocky at a comedy night, was a good laugh even though some of the comedians were rubbish or should I say trash. ha ha.

Anyway we've met lots more wicked people and our only regret is that we hadn't planned on staying here longer. We fly out to the Cook Islands later tonight. Can't wait, our own little bit of paradise and no shared dorms!

See ya later!

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