Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Golden Gate Bridge & A Weird Tourist!







Claire & Cable Car

Keith in Cable Car

Beautiful Golden Gate Sunset

Inside Alcatraz

Keith In Cells (Hey you Guys)

Lock The Door...Quick

San Fran @ Night

Come on...Let us out

Escape From Alcatraz

hello people,

well the pub crawl was cool and claire didn't fall over once!!! all teeth still intact. But we discovered that the yanks can't drink, they all ended up heading home after the 3rd bar and the rest of us were out till the wee hours having a right crack.

Next day though claire was very hungover. Not good. I got dragged around San Fran feeling like pooh. Spent 30mins on a bus to get to the Golden Gate Bridge..... It was absolutely fantastic... the bridge that is. Well apart from the nachos at the cafe.. we found a pube!!! It was gross, I couldn't eat any more...but Keith he just carried on eating. He's a minger.

Anyway after being attacked by a starling who was after the nachos, we walked across the bridge. It was amazing. The views were great and you could see for miles and miles! Went to Golden Gate Park and went to a museum oooooooohh but it was actually really cool except we missed yet another bus and had to walk through the park in the pitch dark with oddballs about! ok though, claire protected me!

next day went to alcatraz and crookedest street and walked up many more bloody hills, got to the top and our camera died on us so we've had to buy another one. bummer.

Went to Alcatraz on the evening tour. It was soooo creepy. They wanted to keep Keith in the cells, but I talked them of it. I didn't realise though, there had been a riot and 10 people were murdered in the cells we were standing in. There were bullet holes in the walls and everything.

Off to LA tomorrow, can't wait but a shame to be leaving san francisco as the more time we spend here the more we love it!

We will at some point sus out how to put photos on the site so keep yourselves posted

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