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Steepest Hill Ever!!!

San Francisco

Bar Crawl, All Yanks Gone Home!

Adam Lovin' The Gaylords!

Well, after probably the best and longest flight (didn't need the diazepam afterall!)we made it to San Francisco!

It's mad. Everything is so old fashioned, from the 'Trucks' to the diners and fire engines...

Really knackered yesterday after being awake for almost 36 hours.

Today has been tiring, but fun! I think we've walked about 10 miles up and down the steepest hills ever. But met some really nice people and been to a quality little bar and eaten some great grub. we saw some guy being chased out of a store by some security guard with a gun earlier which was cool.

Went to China town and stopped in this little park. There were a few groups of people hanging around.... turned out it was crazy china men playing cards and chinese dominoes on cardboard boxes. Weird. We visited a little chinese temple where these old ladies beckoned us up these stairs. We walked up flight after flight not sure of where the hell they had sent us and right at the top of this tower block was a temple (supposedly the oldest in USA!)

Staying in a dorm with another couple, they're cool and full of advice,but they are a bit sad as they're on the last few days of their world trip and we keep going on about being at the beginning of ours. off out on a pub crawl with the rest of the hostel tonight so we should have some entertaining and intoxicated photos...and i'm keeping hold of claire this time round, we can't afford another dentist bill!!

see you soon,

claire and keith x x x

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