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Malaysia's oldest mosque

Chinese shop house

Chinese souvenir shop

Malaysia's oldest Chinese temple

Temple inner courtyard

Each inscent stick represents a persons prayer

The ornate interior of the temple

Laughing Buddha

Fresh sugar cane juice

The hotel barmans second job

Most of the gang

The ruins of St. Pauls church built by the Portugese

Replica of the Istana palace (built entirely without nails) - the original...

Christ Church in the town centre

The local transport

After a tiresome 6hrs journey from Singapore we made it to our first stop in Malaysia, Melaka.

Melaka is an old city (one of the oldest in Malaysia), full of history. Everywhere you go you are reminded of the past and how Melaka came to be now (firstly colonised by the Portuguese then the Dutch and finally the British before becoming independent in the late 1950's). We spent the afternoon exploring China town; we visited the oldest Mosque in Malaysia - which was pretty pants in comparison to the oldest Chinese temple. It was very impressive and far more ornate than the Hindu temples in Bali.

We also wandered around the streets checking out the local shops, which surprisingly enough tempted me into buying something (only a small bag)!! Most of the shops are old antique shops (there were so many lovely things - which we wanted to buy if we were coming home and had a home to put them in!) which you could browse around in comfort without feeling pressured into buying as the people were very friendly unlike the Malaysian folk in Tioman or the Hawkers in Bali.

On our first night in Melaka we thought we would try the local cuisine, Laksa (between a Thai and Indian curry) - it was excellent and the prawns were massive, we are pretty sure now that only the smaller ones get shipped back home and all the good ones are kept here!!

Day 2 - We visited several museums (you find you do that a lot when travelling!), giving us more insight into Melaka's history and heritage which was very interesting. The best museum and most interesting was the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, a traditional house which has been preserved for generations by the family. The house is still in immaculate condition and the furniture/decor still as it was when the family originally migrated from China.

The temperature here is even hotter than Lovina - Bali, which we previously thought was the hottest place on earth! Maybe one day soon we will acclimatise!

The morning of the 9th marked our departure from Melaka and the start of another long bus journey.

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