Rob and Sam's endless summer 2006-2007 travel blog

Time for breakfast at the beach before the lunchtime trip to Kompot

Maybe the poor dear chipped a nail?

Kids larking around - most Cambodians swim fully clothed

Need to toughed up those eyes to sea water ahead of the...

Our stilted, mouse-containing, $5 a night lodgings

Kompot's main square

Typical Kompot building - "It looks like it's had the **** kicked...

Another jouney today, but this time we treated ourselves to a taxi for the 2 hour trip. It was either that or a "share taxi" with 25 cambodians and us (literally) crammed into a car/strapped to the roof. So we decided the extra expense was worth it.

We drove through absolutely stunning scenery on the way to Kampot along the coast and past Bokor hill station, up on the mountain, which was our reason for coming to this neck of the not-very-touristy-and-slightly-surreal/sinister woods.

As Rob so elloquently said Kampot looks like a town that has had the s*** kicked out of it and nobody has bothered to put it back together again. There was a real air of desperation about the place, with everyone we came into contact with wanting to sell us a tour or a bus ticket just to earn their little bit of commission. There's not really a lot more to say about the place. It's in a beautiful setting, at the foot of the mountains and by the river, and probably in a few years, with a few more tourists and a lot of investment it could be a lovely place to visit.

We booked a tour with Monkey tours (Rob insisted on that one...) to go up to Bokor hill station tomorrow.

We went out to find a restaurant in the evening, but it was so deserted and had a weird atmosphere about the place so we ended up having laughing cow sandwiches back in our hotel room. Living la vida!!!


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