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The Mayne family (Ben, Wendy, Rosie, Will and baby Lachlan)

A wild goat kid Ben caught when he took me on the...

Ok, so finally I should be able to update this blog as I have finished working as an au pair and am now in Brisbane. Let's see...

I forgot to mention that I saw an albatross whilst whale watching, it was pretty cool - I was just about to ask one of the crew if it was an albatross when the captain said, 'Here's an albatross'.

Anyway, on Wednesday 8th November I got a train at 10am to Tamworth from Sydney Central station. It was very nice, we went through the Blue Mountains (which I could see properly this time!) and also Hunter Valley (one of the wine regions in Australia). The buffet car on the train served proper food, like meat pies and lasagne, and was actually quite nice. I got into Tamworth about 4.45pm and had to find the bus to Warialda. I was extremely tired and missed quite a bit of the journey as I slept, but it seemed like mainly fields when I was awake! Saw lots of lorikeets, cockatoos and some red birds that I don't know the name of.

Got into Warialda about 7.20pm. Ben Mayne picked me up, bought me an ice cream and drove me back to his farm. On the journey we saw 2 wallabys and a cockatoo. When I got to the house I was greeted by 4 dogs, the two eldest children and Wendy. The two eldest are called Rosie (4 and a half) and Will (2 and a half), the third is baby Lachlan, who is only a few months old.

Whilst there I've been out on the bike on a trip round the farm and seen lots of kangaroos and wallabies in the wild. I also saw a wedge-tailed eagle, they have 2 nesting pairs on the farm and also got to hold a frilled neck lizard, which was pretty cool. However, unfortunately I was unprepared for the trip and did not take my camera :-(

A lot of the work involved just occupying the children, so doing painting with them, drawings, puzzles and playing games. Although I also had to do some general household work like cleaning and laundry. Oh, and protecting the baby from his siblings as they were sometimes too rough with him!

I was also taught how to feed the potty calf on the farm, and helped the children collect the eggs from the chickens. As I had less time there than originally anticipated I did not manage to ride the horses, they have 4! But I did help Ben with cutting Popcorn's (one of the horses) hooves.

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