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Tail of a Humpback whale and Fraser Island behind

Close up of the Humpback

Rare beach sighting of a Fraser Island Dingo

The beach highway on Fraser Island, miles after miles of golden sand

On Fraser Island infront of coloured sand cliffs

Japanese shipwreck on Fraser

Stricking a pose as adoring fans look on (I figured if hot...

G'Day! Just a wee warning before you spend your valuable time reading this... we've been laying on our backs on various beaches for the past two weeks so precious little of interest has happened other than the fact that we have been seriously working on our tans and getting rather brown but we'll fill you in on what we've been up to regardless!

So we left Brisbane behind and boarded the first of the dreaded Greyhound buses to our first stop Noosa. Thankfully the buses here aren't anywhere near as bad as they are in America, we even got to watch a video to pass the time. Noosa is a lovely little seaside town with a gorgeous beach. It's actually rather posh with little boutique shops and lovely restaurants. Our usual routine was to spend a couple of hours on the beach and then wander around the shops and treat ourselves to a smoothie (do you remember Boost smoothies Soph, yum!). We would usually head back to the beach for a while in the afternoon and go for a wee swim. Lots of people surf in Noosa because of the good waves but when you're just going in for a wee paddle you can get pretty mashed. Our evenings began with the sacred ritual of insect repellent application. Katie is OBSESSED with any type of buzzing insect and lets not get started on mosquitos. If there is one in the room she gets a look in her eye and you just know that there is going to be trouble, the little blighters don't stand a chance! With flip-flop in hand she'll track 'em down and SPLAT!

K- Too darn right I kill them, it's that or get biten, which I'm not that keen on. Having said that, I have been pumping myself full of as much vitamin B as I can legally get. Think it is working, either that or I can now sense and kill them before they even know that I'm there!

Next stop was Rainbow Beach. We stayed here for a couple of not so sunny days. I managed to get a bit sun-burnt and Craig got a number of bites. Just shows you they now prefer him to me, all as planned! Our hostel put on a free BBQ and cultural talk from a didgeridoo player. It was a really good evening, learned a bit about aboriginal culture and got a good feed too!

Then we went to Hervey Bay. Stayed in the nicest wee hostel ever. It was just like a mini-house and we got on really well with the other people staying there. On one of the days there we went Humpback whale watching.

The whales are up in this area for half the year and we got to go out on the second last boat going. Pretty good timing. We had to cruise around for a while looking for them but saw a turtle and dolphins on the way. Eventually saw a mother and calf jumping about out of the water. It was really good to see but quite hard to photograph. As soon as you pressed the button, they went back under the water!

We also took a trip over to Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island. I was picturing mountain-like sand dunes but it is more like a forest. As all the roads are made of only sand, you have to have a 4x4 vehicle. Even then, you get bumped around quite a bit and lots of people get bogged down in the sand. We were in a specially converted bus and were safely strapped in.

While on the island, we visited Lake McKenzie, a gorgeous blue-water lake and went for a rainforest walk too. The bus drove along the beach and we visited a shipwreck that has been there for over 70 years. You can't swim off the island due to strong currents and sharks so lots of people swim in the lakes. We walked up a creek but I made a pretty quick turn around when I saw an eel, yuck!

We more or less spent the rest of our time in Hervey Bay chilling out. The next stop is to be Airlie Beach but this involves a lovely overnight Greyhound journey. Hopefully it will be the last one of these as they are never much fun! We hope to take a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef for a bit of snorkling from there.

Love Katie and Craig x

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