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Mrs P gets measured for new clothes - the little boy was...

Heading out to the beach

Hoi An

Ho ain

So we departed Hue and headed down the coast to Hoi An. It was a really pretty scenic drive down the coast and we were delighted at how different Hoi An was to Hue. Its full of lovely restaurants, bars and tailors. It has a sleepy seaside feel and a beautiful beach so we kicked back, relaxed and got some new clothes made. Simon went for the very successful "can you copy this option" with great results - Mrs P on the other hand relied on drawings, viet/brit translations and blind faith and was largely dissapointed with the results!

We then headed to Nha Trang for a bit more beach action and a 'party boat' trip. the highight being the floating bar which was basically a member of the crew floating at sea with several bottles of moonshine - all you have to do is jump off the boat and swim over for a bev. It was great as you didn't have to fight your way to the toilet!

Following a healthy lunch of fish, prawns, squid and veg, (NO TOFU) we were subjected to the entertainment on offer from the crew. this involved indentifying where everybody on the boat came from and getting them to make fools of themselves by singing a song from their country. Unusually the Perry's were the only 2 from the UK, so with microphones thrust in our faces we treated the group to "Yellow Submarine". Thankfully, simon knows he is tone deaf and had the grace to turn the mic off, leaving mrs P to hold the fort.

Tired and wind swept, with our dignity still intact, we made it back to shore for a boozy night on the town.

Next day we decided to radically changed our plans, once more, and headed inland to Dalat. Dalat is in the central highlands surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenary. Thats all there is to Dalat really, it took us exactly 10 minutes to see all the sights, a lake, and town hall that played Abba music on a Friday night to get people in a party mood. There is one other reason to go Dalat..... and that is to trek, Mountain bike, Canyon or horse ride. Mr P. failed to mention any of these to his lovely wife until they discovered how drab Dalat was. After employing some hard core Hue sales tactics Mrs. P. still refused to buckle. The thought of climbing Vietnams highest mountain with more leeches than you could wave a stick at didn't quite appeal. So it was left to Mr. P. to try his hand at mountain biking. When asked whether he had done any mountain biking before, he replied, he avoided the question by saying that he owned a mountain bike. With the guide trying to steer him in the direction of the gentle introductory tour of the highlands, he decided to go against all advice and opted for their hardest tour. 45km of trails through pine forests and mountains. Whilst Mrs. P. enjoyed the peace and quiet of the sleepy town of Dalat, Mr. P. was being thrown head first over the handle bars of his mountain bike wishing he had opted for the introductory option. Inspite of this he did really enjoy himself and Mrs P was glad she didn't go along, especially with The 6 hour bus journey next day.

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