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Water gushing over the bridge at nearby Paraiso

Rus the architect & his wife Margo

Inspecting our "property"

Roadsign seen while touring the countryside

A howler monkey seen while on tour (lots of howlers here)

Iggy the Iguana left his rooftop perch during a rare sunny moment

Iggy eating hibiscus flowers near the house

Finally back to beautiful sunsets again

La tormenta, meaning "the storm" in Spanish, hit last Saturday. That's also the day the architect/designer and his wife from Canada arrived. By the way, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but some friends and I recently bought some property in Junquillal and plan to build a house here.

That's why Bob and I are sharing this beach house for a couple months. Who's Bob? Well, he's a fellow Canadian and the land developer and co-owner of the properties that we (my buddies Rita and Greg and I) purchased. By the way, I guess you could say that by me being down here right now, I've taken on a more active role in the property development process. That's also in addition to writing the book. And in addition to ensuring that Bob the Builder stays honest. Man, I'm busy these days!

Anyway, back to Saturday and the storm and Rus and his wife Margo arriving at the beach house in Junquillal....

The storm was apparently caused by a hurricane or something that blew across Mexico. We only received the outlying affects - nightly thunder and lightning storms and around 5 days/nights of almost non-stop rain. When it hit, one by one our support services went down.

Now, while the location of this beach house simply can't be beat, the house itself needs a lot of work and TLC. We've already discovered that it's a full time job just to keep on top of the repairs, cleaning, and regular bug, reptile, amphibian and animal extractions. It's even more difficult managing this place when all essential services shut down. Especially when you have houseguests!

It started with a deluge of rain that flooded bridges and made roads barely passable. Hard to believe, but road conditions actually worsened as the rains continued throughout the next few days. This was not a good thing as we had planned on touring around the countryside with Rus to show him existing houses and developments in the area.

Evenings saw continued rain as well as loud claps of thunder and brilliant lightning storms. We sat on the terrace one evening watching as a storm traveled across the ocean. We had to sit outside because heavy rain on a tin roof makes a hell of a racket and we couldn't have an audible conversation inside the house! So we sat outside, watching the storm advance across the water towards the house. Closer and closer towards our house. Too close, actually....

So, how many of you have been inside a house while it's being hit by lightning? Well, I can now say that I have! Yep, our shack got zapped, thankfully nothing major, but it did knock out our electricity for 2 days. But the bizarre part of it was, as lightning struck and electricity was zinging around the house, Bob got smacked between the knees by a good dose of static charge. I'm not kidding, this really happened! He didn't sizzle or suffer any lost limbs or ill effects, but he did (somewhat irritatingly), dance around the house for the next few hours singing "I got the power"!

So, to make a long story short, in addition to: (1) the roads flooding, (2) Bob and the house getting zapped by lightning, and (3) having no electricity in the house for a few days, we also experienced: (4) major drips and puddles inside the house because our roof leaked like a sieve, (5) the whole town lost water service for a day, meaning we went from taking cold showers to no showers at all and no water for cooking or washing up, and finally, to top it all off (6) our housecleaner got sick and not only was she not available the whole time Rus and Margo were here, we haven't actually seen her since!

Somehow we were able to do all that we needed to do while Rus was here, but let me tell you it was a challenge. The storm finally blew itself out, the rain stopped, and the sun came out once again ... just as we were loading Rus and Margo and their suitcases into the car for the drive back to the airport.

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