CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

CJ & Bexta - woks at the ready!

Our excellent cookery teacher - Jamie Oliver eat your heart out!

And here's one we made earlier - A lotus flower shaped tomato

Traditional Thai Dancers

CJ and Bexta enjoying the feast at the traditional dance

Bexta having a go at Thai dancing!

Bexta with a little hilltribe dancer and a rather fetching hat!

CJ with some little traditional hilltribe dancers - cute eh!

Having had a 14hr journey to get to Chiang Mai it was a great relief to find such a pleasant city with a nice feel to it, not so dirty, polluted, congested or manic as Bangkok!

Upon arrival at the train station we were kind of kidnapped by a lady called Mamma Honey who we had already heard of from a friend of ours who had just left Chiang Mai. She owned a nearby guesthouse and was touting for business, so eager for somewhere to rest our bags and weary legs, off we went in her van! The guesthouse was a bit grotty, but what do you expect for one pound each for the night! You get what you pay for I suppose. Before we had even set foot up the stairs to our room, we were sat down and told to listen to the sales pitch on their hill tribe treks. We were adamant that we were going to shop around for the trek etc but being so knackered and short for time, Mamma Honey's seemed ok so we went for it.

Before setting off on the trek we had a day to spare so signed up for a Thai Cookery Course as neither of us have the greatest culinary skills!! It was a fun day, where we learnt to cook 6 Thai dishes at high speed. Have no fear, we will be testing our recipes out on you upon our return!!

In the evening, looking for a bit of culture, we went to watch a bit of traditional Thai dancing. Included in the price of the ticket was a buffet, and what a buffet! We were sat down on a rug with our own cushions and little eating area, then the Thais proceeded to bring out our own buffet table, me and Bexta were in heaven, and we got free top ups as well!! Our eyes were bigger than our bellies (well maybe not Bexta's as she managed desert as well!), and in the end we could barely move. Then wanting to burn off a bit of the food, Bexta decided to try out dancing feet and joined the Thais with the traditional dancing!! Somehow we don't think this will be her next career move!!

All in all a lovely way to spend a couple of days.

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