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Humpback whale again

I went on a whale watching cruise today. I didn't think we were going to see anything, because we went for about an hour and a half just watching the ocean. Which was nice, but gets kind of boring! Anyway, the captain then said that it looked like there were dolphins on the right hand side, so everyone rushed to that side of the boat, cameras and binoculars at the ready. He was right, there were dolphins, he estimated the pod was of about 70-80, they were all jumping over the waves and some even in synchrony, like they knew we were watching and were putting on a show for us.

We started making our way back towards Sydney Harbour, and I was quite dispointed, even though seeing the dolphins was really good, I have seen dolphins in the wild before.

BUT... about 15 mins later...

One of the crew spotted something about 1km away to the right, so we made our way over and there was not one, but two humpback whales, a mother and her calf. It was amazing, especially as we followed them for about half an hour, they come up to the surface about every 8 minutes, although the calf came up a couple more times as it needed air more often. It was hard to take pictures though because you don't have long before they disappear back into the ocean. At one point the baby put it's tail up in the air but my camera decided not to work properly and didn't take a picture :-( but I have the memory which is good.

I also bought my ticket to Warialda for tomorrow, which is the station closest to where the family live that I'm being an au pair for. I'm a bit apprehensive about starting work though, they sound very nice, I just hope I do a good job. I have internet there which is good, so I can still update this, although apparently there isn't much to do, but I'm sure I'll find something. Like learning to ride horses and motorbikes!

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