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Sydney Opera House!

Sydney Harbour Bridge!

I arrived in Sydney on the morning of the 30th October at about 8am local time. So am now about 10 hours ahead of England! Only slept for about 3 hours on the plane and didn't eat the food as I was feeling sick. So arrived at the hostel tired and hungry, but it was nice to be picked up and taken straight to where I would be staying.

After checking in and getting into the room, I had to do laundry as most of my clothes were dirty! Then I went out exploring and visited Town Hall Square where I bought lunch.

After going back to check my laundry I went for another walk down to Darling Harbour and visited Sydney Aquarium, which was good. Although the sharks and stingray tunnel was scary! They also have a seal sanctuary which was nice. Also, I never realised how small a duck billed platypus actually is! They are only about a foot long! But very cute in a weird way.

In the evening I met up with a girl who I'd met on the coach from the airport and we went out for a walk to the Queen Victoria Building, which is lovely. There's a dog that's supposed to speak but apparently it's broken which is a shame and a clock inside where Charles I gets executed every hour on the hour!

There's been a problem with my orientation, which I was told was today, but when I turned up at HQ they said that there isn't one and they don't have my name down for the one tomorrow. Which is very annoying, but hopefully will be sorted out soon.

1.15pm. All sorted, my orientation is tomorrow.

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