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Left at 8am to get the 9am boat up to Tama Nagara. Arrived around midday checked in to a nice cheap dorm roop.

Went on a cave exploration tour. Pretty cool, tough going in parts, loads of bats. Too much rain resulted in the caving being cut short!

Grabbed some food on one of the restaurants by the river.


Went to do the jungle canopy walk, turned out that half was closed for renovation in October and the other half closed at midday, we arrived at 12:05. Annoyed as was one of the main reasons for going to Tama Nagara.

Went on a bit of a jungle walk for a few hours, getting back in time to get the 3pm local bus back. Both Tyler and John had been leached quite a few times, I cam out unscathed thankfully.

Checked in to the same hotel as before (NKS). Aim to head down to Kula Lumpa on the 28th (local bus).

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