Genty's Asia - 2004 travel blog

Baby Orang at Sepilok

Proboscis monkey

Sunrise over the Kinabatangan river

Mother and baby - first Orang's in the wild - right next...

Lan - amazing guide, good cook, skillful footballer (bit selfish though), musician...

Eles in the jungle

Coming down to the water


Dust bath

Almost there

A family thing

Coming closer (viewed on foot)

Proboscis front and back

One of the larger crocs with which we shared the river

Team photo

Perfect activity for the extra day

Youngster - one of the stars of the camp

Extra day survivors

After Sipadan I took my first trip into the jungle, staying at Uncle Tan's.

For the first time since I left the UK I ended up on a trip with a good bunch of English speaking backpackers, which helped to make for a great stay in the jungle.

Highlights included the football match between Borneo and England (won of course by England, although unusually on penalties), seeing elephants on the banks of the river, and then getting up onto the bank to watch them on foot, and seeing orangatans in the trees just to the side of the path between the camp and the river.

The trip would probably not have been anything like as good as it was if it was not for the one surviving local guide (there was a mass resignation shortly before I arrived). The "small but spicey" Lan was an amazingly energetic and entertaining guide. He would spend most nights strumming his guitar while drinking the local rice wine (all part of his elephant party). His nights would end whipping up something to eat in the kitchen at about 01:00 after his guests had gone to bed.


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