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We set off from San Francisco to follow the Pacific Costal Highway - Route No 1 which wends down to San Diego. The road follows the coast very closely and on occasions this means incredible hairpin bends with precipitous drops down to the ocean. The road is quite narrow with little room for error especially if you are driving an RV. Just to add a little spice, a thick fog would sometimes roll off the sea and reduce visibility to a few yards. The result was that tension rose in the driving cab. With Sarah claiming that Richard was only an inch from the edge whilst he counter swore that he was at least 2 inches over the double yellow lines in the middle of the road. Ironically in other places the sun shone and we were able to enjoy beautiful vistas across the cliffs, beaches and ocean. Sarah was absolutely thrilled to see dolphins swimming along jumping clear of the water. Further along the route we saw elephant seals basking on the beach just a few feet away. In the skies above we saw a number of eagles. All of which ensured the journey was interesting and varied. Richard's interest in wild life seemed to be limited to an oft repeated question as to whether Sarah had seen any sharks in the waters below. You have to appreciate that Richard's bear phobia had been subtly transmuting into a shark phobia the closer we approached the Pacific Ocean. In fact it can be reported that not even his little toe has entered the sea at any point in our journey thus far.

We broke our journey half way down the coast at a place called Pismo Beach - a typical tourist resort with all the usual stuff. The beaches are beautiful but the water is cold due to the currents off the shore. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake as there was not too much to do or see. The most exciting event was an electrical storm one evening which provided a very dramatic 'son et lumiere'. After a few days we pressed on to Los Angeles. Along the coastline are various state beaches which have camping for a very reasonable fee. Although these sites have limited services they are set in outstanding areas of natural beauty and often permit you to step out of your RV directly onto the beach.

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