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I'm still in Malaysia having changed my mind about Bali, so now I fly to Australia on the 29th October.

Having stayed in the jungle pretty much apart from the occasional trip to Jerantut and the trip to KL to change the ticket I haven't really done much. Have seen more of the wildlife though - another civet cat, several monitor lizards, a flying squirrel, tarantula, scientific millipedes, jumping spiders, several beetles (not sure what kind - have some photos for you Dad!), more macaques and scorpions.

I did go on an exciting trip to Abai Waterfall, which was really nice and went for a swim there. The same day I went to Gua Telinga, a limestone cave, which is 17 metres long, but takes about half hour to get through as there are some small parts where you have to crawl. I got very dirty and slightly wet, but saw hundreds of bats sleeping and some flying around above us, also saw a scorpion and a gecko, but mainly bats. I have also been attacked by 2 leeches after jinxing myself by saying that I hadn't had any on me. But then 2 in one month isn't bad.

Next week are the Selamat Hari Raya celebrations for Eid il Fitri, and I've been asked by the people at Nusa to help cook, which includes cooking rice in bamboo. I have been helping out in the restaurant a bit and my Malay is getting slightly better, I can put sentences together if I think about it and if people talk to me slowly I can understand them! and reply.

Well, I'm not sure when I'll update next. Speak to you all soon.

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