Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Crystal, me and Susanne at Stonehenge


Stonehenge 2

Me and the big rocks

How it used to look

Climbing up on the Tor

Me at the top of the Tor

Todd the conquerer


View from the top

Oldest clappa bridge

Susanne and Crystal

angry todd

Kate and Susanne

too many drinks haha

view from our hostel window

view from the hostel

Our tour of Cornwall started bright and early this morning. I was surprised when Todd from my Scotland tour walked into the office. He was also on our tour so that was cool. Our first stop was Stonehenge. Quite amazing to see for real. You can't actually get close to the stones as there is a barrier around them but you get close enough and there is an audio guide you listen to as you walk around the site.

We stopped at a Tor (pretty much a big rock) and got to climb around on that and had amazing views of the countryside below. We saw some ponies and cows there too. We stopped at a town called Postbridge which had the oldest Clappa bridge still in operation. A Clappa bridge is just a bridge made out of rocks.

We stayed the night in a surfer town called Newquay (pronouncd Newkey) There were skate and surf stores everywhere in this town and everyone in the town looked like a surfer for sure. We went out for dinner with everyone and then over to an Aussie pub called the Walkabout. It wasn't an awesome place but had cheap drinks. They put on a stand up comedy show for us.

It wasn't very good. The host guy was actually quite funny but they said alot of things we didn't understand (british stuff?) The first stand up comic was a black girl and she really wan't that funny. People kept heckling her. We decided to leave after that haha.

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