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Outside Bumbang hide

Campfire on the beach!

Staff from Nusa camp

We left KL on Monday afternoon and headed back to Taman Negara. We arrived in Jerantut at about 7 and met some friends of Asri's from Taman Negara for dinner. We got back to Kuala Tahan (Taman Negara HQ)in the early hours of the morning after we had gone to a karoake bar (I didn't sing you'd be pleased to know ;-)).

On Tuesday we walked Bukit Teserik again, but actually completed it, and went to the second viewpoint where you can see the highest mountain in Peninsula Malaysia. The group of us from the previous night then decided to spend the night in Bumbang Hide in the middle of the jungle where you can watch for nocturnal creatures of the night (not vampires though). We were incredibly lucky as soon after we arrived, about 8pm we saw a spotted civet cat. Then later on we saw wild buffalo. There were a lot of bats and fireflies and moths as well. Then, around 1am we caught sight of a movement by the pond and put on our flashlight - and we saw a tapir! Soon, a second one joined it, it was incredible. I'd seen them at Singapore Zoo, but seeing them in the wild is obviously a lot better. Didn't really see anything else and went to bed, but the bunks were really hard so had a pretty restless night.

The next morning (Wednesday) on our way back to HQ we saw elephant footprints, which were huge. We're not sure when they were there though, but think it was a while ago. Before getting to HQ we stopped at a beach to relax, swim in the river and play cards and finish our food (everyone seemed to have given up on fasting!). Wednesday night was spent camped on a beach not far from Nusa Camp, it started to rain whilst putting up the tents which was kind of annoying, but it didn't rain very hard thankfully. Once the rain stopped we made a campfire and some of the guys had guitars and sang songs. We tried to catch fish with our hands but weren't very successful.

The next day I moved back to Nusa Camp as I prefer it to Kuala Tahan and then joined the rest of the group in the evening to camp on the beach again as 2 of the people were leaving the next day. Fish catching was more successful (not for me) so we had fish for dinner, but not until about 3am! Several hornbills flew overhead in the early hours of the morning which was exciting, but too difficult to photograph. I got up fairly early and went back to my hostel room as I needed a soft bed and needed a decent sleep after 3 uncomfortable nights without much sleep.

Not sure when I'll next update, but I'm planning to stay in Taman Negara for a while and as I've met several people who have been to Bali and have said that it's not very interesting, I'm debating about whether to cancel my ticket to Bali and stay in Malaysia for another week.

So, until next time, whenever that may be. Hope everyone is doing well, please email me any exciting news, I miss you all very much even though I'm having a great time!

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