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At KL Asri phoned his sister who lives just outside of the city centre and she invited us to stay with her and her husband. Which was incredibly nice of them. Since they are Muslim they were celebrating Ramadan, so we couldn't eat or drink until after 7.15pm. It's quite an experience eating as a Malay as well, they eat with their fingers, and only use their right hand. But it's actually quite enjoyable to eat with your fingers. As part of the experience I had to get up at 4.30am for Break Fast which was hard as I was exhausted from travelling. But I managed it, we ate and then went back to sleep. The hardest part of fasting is the not drinking, especially as I need to drink after sleeping! I didn't manage very well with the not drinking, but I did manage not to eat until the evening. We went out for dinner on Saturday with Bai, a friend of Asri's in KL and also the people we had flown to KL with at a place called Suzi's corner on Jalan Ampang. As we were early we had to wait until the time for Break Fast, which was difficult as my stomach was complaining at the smell of food but not having any inside it!

After dinner Bai drove Asri and I to KL Tower so we could look over the city at night, which was amazing, it's huge, but looks quite pretty all lit up. On Sunday we went shopping and Asri had to get a new mobile and I bought a book on how to speak Malay so that I could understand people more and try and learn it myself.

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