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Leaving the Mountains for the Coast

En la lancha

Local fishermen

Mi maestra y yo

Mangrove jungle


Crazy (look at the original picture, click the link at the bottom...

This reminds me of the boat ride at Disneyland

These are the three grandfather mangroves about 100 years old

Climbing the grandfather mangroves

Way up high!

Lame people who can't climb trees (nah they're alright)

That's where I was but this is the only good photo I...

Bats live up there

Termite hive

I'm so pretty

Interesting no?

Que es lindo

En el mar

So, check this out. On Wednesday I went to Tilapa on the coast to check out a Natural Reserve of Mangrove trees. They are all over South America but no where is there such a concentration of Mangrove forests as in Guatemala. Awesome. So we take a pick up for two hours to the end of the highway then pile into a lancha, a skinny, tipsy boat with a motor and head off into the reserve. It was completely surreal and absolutely gorgeous. We went into this channel for about an hour which exists solely because there is a indigenous village about an hour up the channel and their only access is via this water way. Anyway our destination was the three grandfather mangroves which ancestors of the village say are about 100 years old. By the way Mangroves are trees that drop roots in all directions because they live in water. Anyway so I love climbing trees and bounced up this tree with Oliver (a visiting Nicaraguan) close behind me. Unfortunately, the tree is home to a huge termite colony and a few times I would put my hand in their trail, the wood would crumble, they would be mad, and I would get bitten. But it was fun. I decided to stop climbing when I reached the home of 4 bats which flew out and around me frantically, basically telling me to get lost. I got a good picture of these creatures. After the forest we hit up the beach which was as warm as Fiji, and the surf was pretty tame. But I went crazy (having not been in the ocean for a long time) and swam excessively, thus losing one of my earrings. Now I am switching my one earring between two ears. Crazyiness in Guate too hotty!

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