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bull ray... tribute to steve irwin

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seul sur la dune

pas de coupe icare mais plein de plaisir

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coupe icare juste pour moi...

Version Francaise

Matin a Tin Can Bay celebre pour ces dauphins qui viennent presque tous les matins depuis 8 ans pour s'amuser avec les gens et attraper un peu de nourriture facile. Mais ce matin la pas la queue d'un dauphin, juste un gros pelican ici pour manger les restes... Les enfants un peu impatient apres 1h d'attente tenteront de lui donner un peu de sable a manger, il les chassera a grand coup de bec. Pas de dauphins mais petit dej' paisible avant de se rendre a Rainbow beach qui est un peu la dune du Pilat Australienne.

(parapente sur le sable)

Alors que la coupe icare commencait en France sans moi... j'en ai presque pleure ;-(. Je me vengeais sur la dune a grand coup de wagga, de passage pres du sol, de coup de pinceau dans cette d'une vierge grace a de long glissade avec le parapente comme moteur... Je suis au anges. Un peu rouille au debut parceque le parapente n'a pas beaucoup servis ici mais les reflexes reviennent petit a petit. Les couleurs de sable est la contemplation d'un jolie couche de soleil me poserons au paradis pour quelques heures. Mon sourire imprime pour un bon moment, je rejoint Christine au Camping. Demain, nous plongeons sur Wolf rock...

Lendemain depart pour les wolfs Rock qui nous avaient vraiment enchante l'annee derniere avec Ludo... Avec Ludo nous n'avions pas eu une grosse visibilite mais les requins etaient de partout!!! Ici c'est un peu l'inverse avec une visibilite proche de la perfection (20 metres) mais pas de requins. C'est pas grave nous nous contenterons d'un groupe de 10-15 eagles ray, sublime dans le reflet du soleil 9 voir photo!!!, wobbegong, meroux, ENORME bull ray( pensees a steve Irwin...),tortues... Les personnes nous encadrant etant loin d'etre sympathiques, Chrissy se contentera d'une plongee.

Nous continuons notre route vers le sud pour nous arreter a La tres chic Noosa. Vendredi soir, la ville est bien animee mais nous somme un peu fatigue donc petit appero et dodo....


English Version

This was more of mickey's wonderland but I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play with his paraglider over the rainbow colored dunes for which the beach is named. It was a sunny day with stunning scenery. I chose to pass the time catching up on my Hollywood gossip ( reading WHO magazine, People magazine's Australian counterpart) while periodically checking up on where mickey was flying and if the mood hit I would snap a few pictures.

The next morning mickey had arranged a shark dive for both of us. He was nervous how I would react to being 30 meters below the water with hungry sharks circling around. I was not bothered by this prospect as I imagined the company would not put anyone at risk as australia is becoming as litigious a country as the US. It is not worth it to go into details but the tour operators consisted of a husband/wife team. They were all business with not even a hello or introduction. As we drove along the beach to the dive site not one word was exchanged between us and them. In the water the husband was patronizing, took us both for idiots, rolled his eyes as we struggled with the current in a dive situation completely new to us. After the first dive I made the grave mistake of handing them the weight belt with one hand not two and I received a verbal lashing that lasted a couple of minutes. In unison they were saying stuff like "BAD girl", "You didn't listen to us", "Oh my god how incredibly stupid", and on and on and on. As you all are quite familiar with my personality I couldn't stand for this one minute longer. Back in the boat, they noted my insolance and asked if I had a problem with them. I calmy explained that yes, while I understood they were responsible for our well being and that in order for a dive to be safe we had to follow their rules without question (which I was trying my darndest to do) , I did not understand the need for their condescending bothered attitude after all we were paying guests and not familiar with this dive site. He got really hot and bothered and was jumping up and down in this little dinghy in the middle of the ocean with no chance for us to avoid his antics. He talked of Steve Irwin being a good mate of his but how that fit into our disagreement beats me. Mickey the peacemaker was trying to calm the situation down and in the end they motored me back to shore while mickey went for the second dive. Mickey has a much higher tolerance for rude people I guess. I enjoyed the couple of hours, they were gone diving, by sunbathing on this beautiful remote strip of beach and even chatting with the nearby fishermen.

We left Rainbow beach that afternoon.

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