CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

The Khao San Road at night.

Claire with her very unsexy foot attire infront of the Grand Palace!

Bexta also with her very unsexy foot attire in front of another...

The Giant Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

A typical scene in Bangkok along the river front! The Thames is...

Wat Arun - the Temple of Dawn

Traditional Thai dress

We arrived here at 7am, having travelled through the night on a 12 hour coach journey! Our first impressions of Bangkok was that it wasn't such a hetic hole of a place as a lot of people had told us. We actually now prefer Bangkok to Koh Samui!

We are staying in a guesthouse just of the infamous Khao San Road which is ok, a bit like a prison cell with no window and shared bathroom facilities etc, but it does its job and doesn't cost a lot.

One thing that Bangkok is renowned for is being a shopping mecca and both being Buyers, we decided our first port of call must be the Weekend Market. So off we set, and successfully navigated our way there via the public bus system. It was a huge market, heaving with people and selling just about everything that you could imagine, it even had its own pet section (right next to the food section!!). We happily wandered around for a few hours picking up various pieces of tat for our non existent new flats/houses!! But despite that we are quite proud of our purchases and hope they make the journey home in one piece via Thailands postal system!!

Yesterday we decided to do a bit of sightseeing and managed to fit in a fair bit! We started off at the Grand Palace which is home to the Emerald Buddha (which is actually made of Jade not emerald!), and here we had to don some very fetchy and unsexy foot attire in the form of socks and sandals, apparently you have to have your heels covered in certain religious places, otherwise you might upset the Buddha!! Then we stopped off at Wat Pho (a Wat is a Buddist temple for those that don't know) and home to the Reclining Buddha which is huge, approx 45 metres long and very impressive. Whilst here we also treated ourselves to an hour long proper Thai massage at the Thai School of Massage. It was quite an aggressive massage, but very good. Then finally we caught a boat across the river and had a nose around another Wat, Wat Arun which is home to the Temple of Dawn, but we weren't up in time to see that so the afternoon had to suffice.

Today we took a look at Chinatown, which was insane, and more along the lines of what we expected Bangkok to be really like - hetic, hot, smelly, dirty, and full of petrol fumes!! Maybe getting a tuk tuk back to our hotel probably wasn't the best idea!!

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