CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

Protection at night! The mosquito net in our tree house!!

Our accommodation - a tree house!!

One of the beautiful Kingfisher birds!

A poisonous snake that our guide insisted on pestering much to our...

Bexta's Bloody leg!

CJ the leech killer!

After leaving Krabi we stopped off for a night at Khao Sok National Park on the way to Bangkok. It is a National Park full of rainforests and various wildlife (as we soon found out!!). Our accommodation was a 'treehouse', which quite literally had two trees growing up through it!! It would have been nicer if we hadn't been the only people staying there, and also our hostess didn't speak a word of English which made it even harder, (we did at one stage wonder how we were ever going to get out of there!!).

The first night having finally found someone who spoke a bit of English, we signed up for a night safari or that is what we thought it was. It actually was a 3hr canoe trip down a river in the pitch black, rapids included!! After getting over the initial shock of this it was actually quite good fun and an experience we won't forget. After an hour we started to see some wildlife, maybe not quite what we were expecting but at least we saw something - 3 poisonous snakes, many frogs, and 2 beautiful kingfisher birds!! But we did hear a hell of a lot of wildlife going down the river, but just couldn't see it!

Unfortunately the trek we tried to organise for the next day which was going to take us to see the world's largest flower didn't happen because this flower is only in bloom 5/6 days of the year, and we had just missed it by a day!! So instead we decided to have a bit of a trek on our own and off we set following one of the trails. After only 10 mins into it, the heavens opened with thunder and lightening, and being in the middle of a rainforest we didn't think that it was too wise to carry on, so we turned back and started to head for the park headquaters. A bit of luck too as upon arrival back into the park entrance Bexta suddenly started jumping up and down and screaming at the top of her voice, she was being bitten by leeches!!! We pegged it to a nearby toilet, Bexta stripped off and CJ proceeded to attempt to burn all the leeches off (well this is what we had been told to do by a couple that were covered in blood that we had just met!!). Luckily we had caught them just in time and there were only a few of them that hadn't got there teeth too far in just yet so we managed to get them off reasonably ok. We were just amazed at easily they were able to latch on as we had been doing regular checks every 5 mins or so. They are only very small, a lot smaller than we had imagined, but they don't have move quick!! All in all an experience that we don't really want to experience again!!!

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