Kapoors Year 1: India/S.E. Asia travel blog

Anaaya Liu

Andrew and Angela Liu

Ruth Branchflower

Clifford Branchflower



Our second stop saw us arrive in Kamloops just as the sun was setting along the Thompson River. The river is unusually low this year - you could almost walk across it in places. We stayed with family friends from Patna, India - Andrew, Angela and Anaaya Liu. Angela is the daughter of Min Chin and Youo Mei - childhood and lifelong friends of Anil's family. Min Chin and Youo Mei were at our wedding in Patna in 1974.

Andrew and Angela have a thriving dental practice very near Vicki's uncle's home on Tranquille Road. Now how's that for making our travels easier?

We stopped in for a morning visit with Clifford and Ruth Branchflower (Vicki's paternal uncle). It was great to catch up on the progress of their nine grandchildren. They seem to be thriving (the grandparents for sure).

A tall glass of fabulous homemade apple juice capped an excellent visit and launched us on our way for the scenic drive over the Coquahalla Highway to Vancouver.


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