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It's been a while, and I have only a short time to update this, so I'll try and be quick!

Ok, on Friday after my last entry I got a taxi to the bus station at 7.30am to get the bus to Temerloh at 8am. I then had a 3 and a half hour journey to Temerloh where I had to catch another bus to Jerantut. From Jerantut I had to catch a taxi to Kuala Temberling, where I could get the riverbus to the camp I planned to stay at in Taman Negara. As I was in the taxi to K.Temberling, some monkeys ran across the road, but there wasn't a sign to warn you of the possibility! There were also more rubber tree plantations as I travelled north into the state of Pahang. I got to K. Temberling at about 2pm, and booked a tour at Nusa Camp for 3 days and 2 nights.

Going down to the riverbus is where my adventure truly began. First, you saw Sungai Temberling (the river, as Sungai is Malay for River), and all sides were surrounded by trees. One lady fell in the river before we had even started to put our bags in the boat. The journey to Nusa camp takes 3 hours. We saw mainly insects, like butterflies and damselflies as we went down the river. About 2 hours in though, we saw several herds of water buffalo drinking from the river, and then we saw an iguana. There were also several birds, but I don't know what species.

There was about 15 minutes to go before we reached camp, and the first boat capsized! It was at some rapids, and unfortunately, the lady that had already fallen in, was in the boat that capsized. It was quite scary, because we thought our boat was going to capsize as well, but luckily it didn't, and I was very glad as I didn't fancy replacing my passport and tickets etc.!

The last 15 minutes was unadventurous, and we arrived at Nusa about half hour after schedule as we'd had to go back to where there was signal so we could phone for help for the other boat.

The first night consisted of a jungle walk, where we saw several moths, crickets, grasshoppers, scorpions and bats! Our guide was very informative, and showed us how by shining a torch you can see a spider's or a moth's eyes from afar.

We then went to bed and had to get up for 9am to go on the canopy walk, the longest one in the world, with 10 bridges, the highest one was 45 meters above ground! The views were amazing, although once again it was mainly insect life. We then trekked up Bukit Teserek (Bukit = hill) which was 800m tall I think.

The afternoon consisted of rapid shooting, which was great fun until we were caught in a thunderstorm! Back at camp, a friend of mine did some Aborginal face painting for me, which was really good! Then after dinner I played cards with some friends I had made from Cambodia, Germany and Malaysia.

The next day, I got up too late to catch the boat to K.Temberling and a friend I had made, Asri, who is Malaysian suggested travelling on together to the Perhentian Islands in the afternoon. So, with my plans changed once more, I spent another afternoon in the jungle, and visited an Orang Asli settlement, the nomadic tribes that live in the jungle.

At 5pm Asri and I left for the train to K.Bahru for the Perhentian Islands, and that will be another entry as time is running out!

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