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Chilling in the English Gardens

on the way

Its always good if your having a good time at your own...



The Pagano's, South Philly

So this is the castle, right next to a river

I think this is the American contigency


Weddings are all the same, at some point your doing shot's.

girls do it too

So after the wedding a few of us decided to A -...

Guess who's been living in NYC too long?

So this is Crazy Ludwigs garden and he wanted to copy Versaille,...


This is the largest island on the lake, there's a farm on...


This would be a cool little church to get married in ....

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On our way . .

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Ok well let's see. . .Diane and I were on the same flight to Munich, she to a hotel and me back to a hostel. We asked for a Passat but got a 3 series BMW instead. Picked up our friend Wu at the airport and headed into the Bavarian country side looking for the little town with the little church and the little castle that our friends decided to get married in.

I love GPS.

Found out a interesting thing about the Germans, these guys have extrememly long weddings. Ceremony began at 2:45 PM (Lisa P time) and I finally had to give up the ghost and catch a ride out from the reception at about 4AM.

One thing that should be noted is that even though Bavarians take pride in not speaking English you can still make do. Also when the angry little lady tells you that the cook went home and your options on the menu are now just pizza and it will take about a hour atleast for you food your patience will be rewarded with a round of Lemonchello.

Now I realize that this isn't very in depth on the wedding but still. . .

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