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Macaques at MacRitchie reservoir

Me and Roslan at Desaru beach

with a guard near the sultan's palace

Mosque in JB

Rambutan fruit

View across Straits of Johor from Mosque

I already wrote an entry for the last 2 days and then I deleted it. So I'm going to give it another go.

So, yesterday, that being Sunday, I went to Desaru beach on the recommendation from one of the nice people at the reception desk of my hotel. I left at half 9 for the bus station where I had to get a bus to Kota Tinggi for RM3.60 (about 50p!). When I got to Kota Tinggi I asked someone when the bus to Desaru would be there, and they said I had about half hour to wait. So I went to sit down, and the man I'd asked about the bus came to sit with me and talked to me, as did one of his friends. Then they went and bought me some Rambutan fruits! Which were quite nice, but take a bit of getting used to.

Eventually the bus arrived, I had to go to Penawar and then get a taxi to Desaru beach. I got there around half 12. I was only sitting there for about 10 minutes when some guys came over to talk to me. They were a group of friends from work on a trip for the weekend. They invited me to join them for lunch, a curry, which was quite hot but nice, although I had rather too much and couldn't eat it all! To repay them, I offered round the Rambutan fruits. Then Roslan and I went for a walk as I didn't want to swim in the sea. I left at about 4, but before I could leave, they all wanted to have a photograph taken with me! Which was nice, but kind of strange.

Today, Roslan picked me up at 10am and we made our way to the Royal Abu Bakar Museum which is about the Sultans. But unfortunately it was closed for renovation and won't be open until the end of September, by which time I'll be in Kuala Lumpur, so instead we went to see a Victorian Mosque and the Straits of Johor, where you can see across to Singapore. Then Roslan went home and I looked around the shops. But didn't buy anything other than postcards as I can't fit anything else in my bag! But when I get to Australia I can send things home and then buy things to replace them! Hehe. I got a taxi back to Permas Jaya where my hotel is, and on the way the driver was asking me what I'm doing in Malaysia and I told him I was travelling and that I'm going to Melaka tomorrow, and he said that he would drive me to Larkin Bus Terminal in the morning so I can get the bus to Melaka!

When I got to the hotel I asked where I could buy stamps. and rather than just telling me, the man at reception drove me to the post office and bought them for me! So many people told me that people in Malaysia would be friendly, but I didn't realise quite how friendly and kind they would be.

So, I am off to Melaka tomorrow - apparently you can find the the soul of the nation there.

Oh and a quick note - I'm so glad Connie won How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria! Yay Connie!

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