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Orchids - this species is in memory of Princess Diana


Sculpture from walking tour

Family of cats sculpture from walking tour

African Crown Crane


Saddle-billed Stork

Yesterday I went to Jurong Bird Park and got to see penguins, hornbills, flamingos, birds of paradise, crowned pigeons (so much better than normal pigeons!) and also in the 'World of darkness' exhibit, there were lots of owls including one called (wait for it) a Buffy owl! how cool is that?! Mind you, I'm not sure anyone else would be as excited as I was about it. However, I couldn't take a photo as it was too dark and you weren't allowed to use flash photography in there. There were also emu's, cassowary's and many more.

After I left the bird park I went to Bishan MRT station to get a bus to what is known locally as Bright Hill Temple, although it's actual name is Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, it's the largest temple in Singapore, and it's amazing. There is a Pagoda of 10,000 Buddha's which includes a giant golden one inside. The whole place was very peaceful. They often do cremations there that you can watch, but none were taking place when I was there. Whilst I was there the thunderstorm predicted occurred, but luckily I didn't get too wet! I then headed back to the hostel, where I stayed in and talked to one of the members of staff who was helping me plan today and also my time in Malaysia, which was good.

I left the hostel at around 9am this morning and headed to Raffles Place MRT station as I had read about a Sculpture Trail in my guidebook and thought it would be nice to just have a little walk around the city. I found most of the sculptures, plus a few extra. I then headed to the river mouth to see the Merlion which is the island's mascot, it's half-fish, half-lion.

I then headed to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, but as I got off the bus a massive thunderstorm started and I got soaked through the moment I left the shelter of the bus stop. I decided to carry on to the gardens anyway, thinking that the storm would end soon, like it did yesterday... but it didn't. Still, I carried on to the Orchid garden and after a half hour rest in the shelter of a gift shop, I braved going back into the rain to see the orchids. I didn't do the whole walk, but I did go to the Celebrity garden where they have several hybrid orchids named after celebrities that have visited the garden - there was one for Jackie Chan and another for Princess Diana, as well as a lot of people I hadn't heard off. I also saw the national flower of Singapore, the Vanda Miss Joaquim.

After much deliberation I decided to head for MacRitchie Reservoir, hoping to have time to get to the Tree Top Trail, but the bus took ages to arrive so by the time I got to the reservoir, there was only a couple of hours before the trail closed, I did walk about 2.5 km along the walk though, and got to see several Long Tailed Macaques just eating and playing near the reservoir. Not much other wildlife was around, there were a few birds and some butterflies, but nothing else. I did hear a lot of calls though, and spent a lot of the walk looking up into the trees to try and see what was making the noise, but I couldn't see anything. It was a nice walk though and luckily the rain was nowhere near as bad as it had been.

A very tiring couple of days, but very enjoyable. I'm kind of sad about leaving Singapore tomorrow, there are still other things I'd like to see and do here, despite being told by GAP that there isn't much to do after a couple of days! If anyone ever tells you that, they're lying!

I have booked my hostel for tomorrow and will be heading for Johor Bahru around 10am.

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